spill your guts!

So…… tiddlyompompom tagged me in a meme and well, it’d be rude not to get involved…

Here goes….


1. Are you a meticulous planner?

Yes.  I border obsessive.  People (like the hot geek) who can just fly by the seam of their pants drive me insane.

I write endless lists: on paper, on my iPhone, on sticky notes around the house, in books.  If it’s still long enough, I’ll write a list on it.  I even have a note book in my bag JUST IN CASE!

2. Do you wear make up and if so how much and how often

I’m going to let the fact that I have 3 make up bags answer this.  I have a a bag with all the essentials in my bedroom.  Another one (containing exactly the same bits: foundation, mascara, lipgloss etc) in my handbag and a third one tucked away in my wardrobe draw as an emergency!  I can’t help it.

I rarely leave the house without it on in some form: masacara and a slick of eyeliner is usually OK.  If I’ve been on holiday and my skin looks nice and healthy then I don’t bother.  When the tan fades then I put the slap back on.

3. What, if anything, do you wear in bed?


Anything else and I feel all restricted.

4. Look over your right shoulder, what do you see?

A pile of washing ready to go away.  I’ve deliberately left in on the stairs hoping the Hot Geek will notice it and take it with on his way up.

He hasn’t.

Damn it.

5. If you had to take a random item to an interview to help describe you, what would it be?

Oooh, good one?!  Um…. er….. lemme get back to  you on that one!

6. What film would you have liked a staring role in?

Dirty Dancing, no question.  Patrick Swayze all toned and hot looking and teaching my to dance in a way that wouldn’t make my Daddy proud – hell yeah!

7. Jimmy Stewart or Cary Grant

Cary Grant…. There’s just something about the man that sets him apart

8. Do you swear in front of children

Never intentionally and certainly never at them.  Keira either repeats everything I say or, worse still, will ask me what one of those is.  A classic example:

Me: You flaming silly bitch!!! Use your indicator

Keira: Mummy, whats a bitch?

Me: *holds head in shame*

You see my point?!

9. Do you knit or sew or do any other ‘womanly’ craft?

My mum tried to teach me to knit when I was little and I’m afraid to say that patience wasn’t a virtue I possessed back then and she gave up.

I figured I must have been fairly hard work if she gave up entirely.

My mothers attempt to teach me to sew was even shorter than the whole knitting exercise!

I can finger knit though.

10. Twitter or Facebook

I have both although I prefer Twitter.

My friends are dotted all over the world: England, Scotland, Ireland, America, Middle East and Australia so I use facebook to keep up to date with them and share photos.

Twitter is awesome for getting to know people I wouldn’t normally meet through facebook.


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