just tidy the f&%king puzzle away!

Me: Could you tidy your puzzle away and put your shoes please.

The Girl: *silence*

Me: Could you put your puzzle away and put your shoes on.  Please.

The Girl: *silence*

Me: Put. Your. Puzzle. Away.  And. Put. Your. Shoes. On.

The Girl: *glares at me*

Me:  I said

and then she interrupts me

The Girl:  I’ll do you a deal.

Me: I’m sorry.  What?  You’ll do me a what?

The Girl: A deal.

Me: *mouth open*

Exit from the room The Hot Geek who is trying not to laugh

The Girl: Yes Mummy, a deal.  I’ll finish my puzzle first and then I’ll put it away. That way I’ve done what you want and I’ve done .

Me:  You will not do me a deal in any way shape or form.  I told you to put that puzzle away and put your shoes on now because we have got to go.  I will not ask you again am I clear?  Get.  This.  Put.  Away.

I leave the room to go get my shoes and when I come back in the puzzle is still on the floor.


The Girl:  Don’t worry Mummy, I’m finished now.

She puts the puzzle in the box, gets up, smirks at me and picks up her shoes.

Whilst I stand there gobsmacked that my sweet mannered daughter is rapidly becoming Karen from BBC’s “Outnumbered”.


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